Make art a special occasion

Art jewellery goes beyond the mere physical object, it represents an idea, a concept, an intimate vision of life and of the people we love. In other words, it transforms the whole world into art, into a weareable concept.
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Wedding Rings

Selection of wedding rings made in gold, silver and platinum, created by international designers for your unforgettable moments.

Engagement Rings

Wide selection of unique, original, alternative engagement rings, made especially for you and with you, to give shape to your feelings.

A unique gift

It's in the small details that your personality shows. A piece of contemporary jewellery can carry a distinctive and unique  message. Share a part of your originality with someone special.

Make a

The hard part isn't finding a gift. What is difficult is saying something significant through your gift. Design and art help us in this, using the form as a means to convey content and thought that can be found around us, in the streets, in the people that surround us, in a piece of cloth, in an industrial artifact or in your favourite dessert. It is up to our creativity to allow us to see something special in ordinary things. And this is why today, more than ever, contemporary jewellery offers a multitude of languages, a variety of shades that can always find the right word, the most suitable word, to express what we really are and feel.
Therefore make creativity your added value.

Myriam Soseilos - Ring, gold, amethyst
Myriam Soseilos - Ring, gold, amethyst