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About us

Alternatives Gallery specializes in the promotion of contemporary jewellery and first opened in central Rome in 1997. A selection of the best international designers is carried out, so as to satisfy a clientele made up of private collectors and institutional spaces, among others, and to be in a position to offer the most innovative works on the market today.

Alternatives has always been active in supporting jewellery as a cultural expression of our time and has over the years become an important reference point on an international level in the field.

In 2013 the gallery moved to its new premises in the heart of ancient Rome. The minimalist space has been conceived to enhance the beauty of contemporary jewellery and to establish communication between the public and the finished piece.

With the aim of bringing art jewellery to an even wider public, in 2015 Alternatives launched a new project,, the first "Shopping Cloud" totally dedicated to contemporary jewellery.