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Seul Gi Kwon

As root of subject matter of art, nature provided infinite possibility of creation and we created artworks based on continuous study and experience toward art from past to present. In the past, roots were selected within the scope that can be experienced visually but due to development of science technology even microscopic parts are used as subject matter of art. Together with development of natural science, visual images that were not experienced in the past were created and this helped us to cause new imagination to us. Based on these experiences, we are able to create organic form in a new viewpoint which is different from the past.

There are organisms that pursue changes while it complies to certain rule known as order and harmony within the nature. These organisms are consists of cells. Unit cells itself shows various change in forms at each stage during the course of creation, grow, division, and extinction. The course of change gives fantasy about unpredictable 'organism' and organic form itself of cells which are basic unit of life formation contain element of infinite fantasy.

By analyzing cell form and shape through basic element of model, we arranged shape trait of cell as line, form and color. We used it as basic shape measure and instead of reproduce it as itself we expressed 2nd dimensional image that can be considered from the subject.

We actively expressed organic movement of cell with its mysterious color and its constant changing form by using silicone which is synthetic resins as its major component, and made spectator and wearer to feel interest by texture and materiality and transparency of silicone.


Master of Fine Art, Metalwork and Jewelry, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.

Bachelor of Fine Art, Metalwork and Jewelry, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea.

Selected Exhibitions:
2012 Handwork & Design International Craft Fair, Munich, Germany
2011 Preziosa Young_contemporary jewellery> Firenze, Italy / 2012 Munich, Germany/

Hanau, Germany / Legnica, Poland
2011 SIERAAD art Fair ,amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 BKV Prize 2011,the Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein, Munich, Germany
2011 Containers, Duru Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2011 FOUR+FORMS, Gallery In young Bakery, Seoul, Korea
2010 each & other, Gallery KiMiart, Seoul, Korea
2010 Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo Fondazione Cominelli, Fondazione

Cominelli, Italy
2010 International Graduation Show 2010, Gallery Marzee, Netherlands
2010 Contemporary Ornement +10, Seoul, Korea
2010 , Pusan, Korea
2008 ALCHEMISTS self-protection, Seoul, Korea
2008 Graduate Metal X1 Emerging ideas in jewelry & object, Australia
2007 ALCHEMISTS May I have your order?, Seoul, Korea
2006 Graduate Exhibition Sok-Nae, Seoul, Korea
2006 Seoul Design Fair, Seoul, Korea
2005 Gift of December, Seoul, Korea
2004 Seoul Design Fair, Seoul, Korea

Awards 2011 Selected in "BKV Prize 2011", Munich, Germany
2011 Selected in "Preziosa Young", Florence, Italy
2010 Selected in "Premio Fondazione Cominelli", Fondazione Cominelli, Italy
2010 Excellent Achievement of M.F.A., Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea
2009 ITAMI AWARD "Judge's Choices" Prize, Hyogo, Japan
2009 TALENTE AWARD "kunststoff" Prize, Munich, Germany
2004 MINI LOOKS AWARD 2nd "UNIQUE" Prize, New York, America