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Barbara Brancaleoni


Leather shapes, metal sheets, small fragments of wood worn by water and wind, winter “shipwrecks” from the beach. These are the materials that go to form Barbara Brancaleoni’s research. Discs cut in a rudimental way, so as to accentuate the physical properties of the material, that placed in sequence, go to form a tangible external texture. They create convex, concave or organic forms, even zoomorphic shapes at times, creating shadows that break up colour into multiple shades. The jewellery that is created by the combination of these elements takes form as a whole, fluid, as one with the surrounding space and the body. The pieces can also be taken apart, recomposed and be worn in different ways. The Uroboros necklace, inspired by the alchemic snake, adapts to the body, tells us about the body and dialogues with it. Sinuous forms remind us of organisms that constantly mutate. These pieces come from an intense creative process and continuous manual dexterity, which results in a fluent act of vitality.

Barbara Brancaleoni studied sculpture and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Roma. She is currently ending her studies in History of Modern Art at the Sapienza University in Rome. She has been making jewellery since 2004. She is based in Roma.