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Adrean Bloomard

The name amphora comes from the Greek work "amphoreus", meaning "can be carried on both sides". It is the most ancient vessel form used to store and transport liquid and solid foodstuffs. Its use goes back to the very first Mediterranean civilizations. The amphorae used by the Greeks and Romans were mainly made of clay (terracotta), but some made of marble, alabaster, glass or precious metals also existed. In the times of these classical civilizations, amphorae were also used as a means of measurement. The State would keep reference samples: in Greece an amphora was approximately 29 litres, whilst in Rome, it measured only 26.

Furthermore, there was a symbolic aspect linked to this vessel. It represented the body hosting the soul, as suggested by the legendary Vaso di Pandora (Pandora's box) that was emblematic of all evil of the human race.

This brief historical preface introduces us to Adrean Bloomard's latest project "Amphora". It is the continuation of research started a few years ago with "Oplontis", aiming to analyze and reinterpret essential elements typical of the Mediterranean society in a contemporary form, so as to exemplify customs, way of life or beliefs, surprisingly often not so different from today's.

By means of locating certain specific elements, Bloomard thus introduces or suggests fragments that can be re-interpreted, and that are capable of making the spectator create his/her own personal vision of the form. The artist considers that vision is not merely created by the image formed on the retina, but is also something that is permeated with culture and personal experience, so that what one knows and believes in, influences what is being seen.

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Born: 1966 - Roma, Italy

1980-1985 Art institute, Roma, Italy under Prof. Giuseppe Uncini
2006 Workshop “Biancaneve”  with Cristina Filipe of Ar.Co

Professional experience
1982-1987 Apprenticeship c/o various workshops Roma 
1985 to date – freelance jewellery designer-maker
2004 Co-founder AGC - Italian association for contemporary jewellery
2004-2010 Executive committee member of AGC
2005 Speaker at conference on contemporary jewellery organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, Tempio di Adriano, Roma
2006 Speaker at the conference Views on Portuguese and Italian Jewellery, c/o Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Lisbon
2010 Speaker at conference Passato, presente, futuro: innovare conservando, Antiquarium comunale, Corciano (PG)
2011 Speaker at conference Il Gioiello Contemporaneo Oggi, New Directions Hall Fiera di Vicenza
2012 Klimt e il gioiello contemporaneo – conference on jewellery from the 1900s to today – analysis of the historical and sociological conditions that have led to jewellery as we know it today
2012 Speaker in conference organized by Kolding School of Design, Denmark on Memory in Design
2013 Took part in workshop “Weekend con il gioiello”, critical analisis of jewellery
Has contributed to the agc journal

Numerous exhibitions in museums and galleries in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Germany, UK, USA, Japan, Poland

2014 Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, I
2014 Bollmann Collection, A
2011 Fondazione Cominelli permanent collection, San Felice del Benaco, I
2008 Alice & Louis Koch Collection of Rings

2012 1st Prize, “Premio Cisotto” jewellery competition, Padua, selected by Mirella Cisotto Nalon and Claudio Ranfagni