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Corrado De Meo

2009 Workshop with Michele Zanin, Casalmaggiore Italy / Workshop with Giampaolo Babetto, Casalmaggiore, Italy /2008 Co-founder and Chairman of ARTIFEX, Italian Association for the Culture of Contemporary Jewelry / 2007 Member of A:G:C:, Italian Association oh Contemporary Jewelry /  1982 Registration at the Chamber of Commerce 1978 – 1981 Selftaught and apprenticeship as goldsmith c/o various workshop in Florence 1977  Graduate in Sociology in Florence, Italy.

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Fondazione Cominelli, Permanent collection for Contemporary Jewelry, Palazzo Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice, Brescia Italy.

Museo degli Argenti, Permanent Collection for Contemporary Jewelry, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy.

2013 SUGGESTIONI IN METALLO, Complesso del Vittoriano, Roma, Italy/ ON OFF Studio Spazio Aperto, Luciano Tomassin Padova Italy/ MATERIALITY: relationship between material and contemporary jewellery, Ame Gallery, Hong Kong/ VENICE JEWELRY RING, Ca Pesaro, Venice, Italy/ ENCHANTED DIALOGUES: Brooches in tribute of Verona”, S. Pietro in Archivolto, Verona, Italy/ SUSPENDEDINPINK, Viaductdesartes, Paris, France/ FILE ROURE X PARIS, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada shop, Paris, France/ F-UTILYGIOIELLI PER EMERGENCY, Museun Marino Marini, Florence, Italy/ SUSPENDEDINPINK Heidi Lowe Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, USA/ Solo exhibition “FORMAS Y COLORES” Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Madrid / “RING PARTY“ palazzo Ca de Ricchi, Verona, Italy/ GIOIELLINFERMENTO la Vigna delle Arti, Torre Fornello, Piacenza, Italy/ TAKTIL gallery, Isola, Slovenia./ “MADEINITALY” Maister und Margarita, Frankfurt, Germany /SUSPENDEDINPINK Studio Gabi Green, Munch, Germany/   Solo Exhibition “LES SONORITES DU COULEUR” Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Paris / ATRIUM Suspendedinpinck, Birmigham, England / 2012 “FILO ROSSO” Museo d’Arte Moderna Ugo Carà, Muggia, Trieste, Italy/ ON OFF Studio Spazio Aperto, Luciano Tomassin Padova, Italy/ “GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO” Galleria Rossini, Milano, Italy/ “AGC PUNTO 10” Senigallia, Italy/ “FLORENCE WINE EVENT” Palazzo Pitti, Firenze, Italy/ “AZUR” Amber Trip, Special Award Vilnius, Lituania/ GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO Special Award, Torre Fornello, la Vigna Delle Arti, Piacenza, Italy/ “GIOIE DA CONDIVIDERE” Aranciera di San Sisto, Roma, Italy/ 2011 “ON OFF” Spazio Aperto, Studio Luciano Tomassin, Padova, Italy / “FUTILY GIOIELLI 3”, Ex Murate, Firenze, Italy/ Solo Exhibition “GLI ATTIMI DELLA FORMA - VISIONI IN TRANSITO”, Numero 50, Livorno, Italy. “LUMINA” Spazio 72m2, Livorno, Italy/ “LUMINA” Alchimia, Firenze Italy / “RING PARTY” Palazzo Baviera, Senigallia, Italy/ “TI DO’ “ Palazzo Baviera, Senigallia, Italy/  “GIOIELLI IN FERMENTO”, Torre Fornello, La Vigna delle Arti, Piacenza, Italy/ “MEDITERRANEO” Museum of Natural History, Livorno, Italy/ 2010 “ALLEZ DU GALLET!”, Collioure, France/ “ON-OFF” Spazio Aperto, Luciano Tomassin Studio, Padova, Italy/ “F-UTILY GIOIELLI 2” Ex Murate, Firenze, Italy/ “AGC PUNTO 10” Palazzetto Baviera, Senigallia, Italy/ “FILO ROSSO” Biennale internazionale del Gioiello Contemporaneo, Museum of Modern Art Ugo Cara, Muggia, Trieste, Italy/ “ARCHEO GIOIELLI CONTEPORANEI” Civic Museum, Anzio, Roma, Italy/  “NATURA E ARTIFICIO” Museum of Natural History Livorno, Italy/ 2009 “F-UTILY GIOIELLY PER EMERGENCY” Ex Murate, Firenze, Italy/ MUSEO DEL BIJOU, Casalmaggiore, Cremona, Italy/ SPAZIO ARCHITETTURA, Trapani, Italy/ VERONIQUE SOULAT GALLERY Tours, France/ CENTRE CULTUREL DU LIEVRE D’OR, Dreux, France/ 2008 MAURE ZILIOLI GALLERY, Brescia Italy/ “NEW PLAY IN ART: IL GIOIELLO INASPETTATO” Hellen Garden, Gardone Riviera, Italy/ VERONIQUE SOULAT GALLERY Tours, France/  CLAUSTER OF OBLATE, Firenze, Italy/ 2006 MUSEUM OF ARTE SACRA, Massa Marittima, Grosseto, Italy/ BASILICA OF SANTA CROCE, Firenze, Italy/ KARA, Paris, France/ 2005 PALAZZO MEDICI RICCIARDI, Firenze, Italy.

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