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8.11 - 1.12.2007

I am drawn to the unusual, the strange, the weird and the uncommon, like tiny artifacts from an unknown civilization or things that are past down from generation to generation. I hunt for materials and ideas in the everyday world and transport them to my world. The process of making has been a form of escapism for me, into a world where I am the ruler and where I can do what I want to do. The jewels tend to express these notions by being extremely fragile, uncomfortable to wear or too heavy. I am not interested in making functional jewellery, I am interested in creating tiny emotional sculptures that can sometimes be worn.
The Pygmy Retrospective is a collection of my favourite pieces over the past three years. The work is taken from several collections and is meant to show my evolution, the introduction of new materials, processes and the development of my ideas. Since I view my work as emotional, pieces are linked to specific times of my life, sometimes hard and sometimes joyful.